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Vetericyn Antimicrob Spray


Vetericyn VF is a scientifically engineered topical solution that kills virtually any infection, yet is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The technology behind Vetericyn VF is backed by real science with over 25 clinical trials completed, Vetericyn VF is the animal version of the Microcyn formulation that has been used on over two million human patients worldwide without a report of a single serious adverse effect. Vetericyn VF is completely bio-compatible because it mimics the body’s natural immune system’s response to an infection. In addition, bacteria, virus, fungi and spores have not demonstrated the ability to develop resistance to Vetericyn VF. In fact, Vetericyn VF kills all these single-cell pathogens within 30 seconds of contact. Vetericyn VF is so potent it kills staph, E. coli and even MRSA. Vetericyn is safe as water making it completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Therefore an animal can lick its wounds or infections after application of Vetericyn VF without any adverse affects. Will not stain clothing or furniture with application to animal. And there are no special disposal requirements. Vetericyn VF contains no steroids or antibiotics which can hinder the healing process or weaken the immune system.